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Badir Bialkhayr Competition 2024

Badir Bialkhayr Competition 2024

An annual competition to empower and support youth initiatives. The competition is held annually by supporting initiatives to implement Ramadan activities in a competitive manner and under certain standards, with the aim of choosing the initiative of the year, which is honored through the Himmat Shabab Foundation and providing financial support or capacity building, etc.

The competition seeks to implement charitable activities through voluntary youth initiatives by opening the door for submission of ideas for Ramadan activities submitted via an electronic link. The screening process goes through to select three initiatives from a group of governorates according to criteria related to the initiative’s ability to implement the activity and the resulting impact on Ramadan activity. After selection, the initiatives are funded and started. Supervising the implementation of the presented activity, including an evaluation with the aim of choosing the initiative of the year.



Targeted Area

Sanaa - Taiz - Aden - Hadhramaut