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Established in 2012, Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development “HSF” is a non-profit NGO, licensed by the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs in the Republic of Yemen. HSF is an independent charitable organization. Our work is unaffiliated and impartial to all religious and political parties and associations. As ‘Transparency’ is one of HSF’s core values, we are proud to have our financial statements audited by an internationally recognized professional services firm, Deloitte & Touche (Middle East)

About Image

About us

Hemmat Shabab

Established in 2012, Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development “HSF” is a non-profit NGO, licensed by the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs in the Republic of Yemen. HSF is an independent charitable organization. Our work is unaffiliated and impartial to all religious and political parties and associations. As ‘Transparency’ is one of HSF’s core values, we are proud to have our financial statements audited by an internationally recognized professional services firm, Deloitte & Touche (Middle East)

Our Vision

Our Vision

We seek to activate the role of positive youth and employ their creative energies through their involvement in community and economic development to reach a society capable of self-building.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are committed to active contribution in achieving sustainable socio-economic development in our community, through the active participation and dedicated efforts of young Yemeni volunteers, and the continued support of our local, regional and international partners.  

Our Values

Our Values

Respect: We recognize our diverse community and advocate equal treatment for all members. 
Transparency: We honor the trust of our community and partners by maintaining integrity and transparency in all of our operations.
Innovation: We strive for creativity and innovation in the projects and initiatives that we undertake.  
Commitment: We passionately dedicate time and effort to advancing our mission.


Inception of the first food basket distribution that resulted in supporting 600 family beneficiaries in Sana’a and Taiz.

The food basket distribution project reached more than 1660 family beneficiaries in Sana’a, Taiz, Hodideah and Aden. More variety of activities took place between cultural, sports, meal events, and awards celebrations to conclude the Ramadan activities.

The same food basket distribution project reached to about 5,600 family beneficiaries in the four provinces. The volunteers of this initiative were present in various youth events such as World Volunteer Day and World Youth Day organized by UNV.

The vision and the goals became clearer towards institutionalizing the initiative into an official foundation.  Set of the main milestones of this year:
1. Registration of Hemmat Shabab (Hemmat Shabab)  as an official institution in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.
2. Production of the first Hemmat Shabab (Youth Endeavour) video clip broadcasted in local and regional TV channels.
3. Organizing the first conference of ‘Youth Initiatives and Institutions’ in Sana’a, Yemen.
4. The number of beneficiaries from Ramadan social activities in five governorates (Sana'a, Taiz, Aden, Hodeidah, Hadramout) reached to be:
- 10,217 needy families benefiting from the food basket distribution campaign
- 5,6720 beneficiaries from the ‘Smile’ campaign
- 2,500 beneficiaries of the campaign (repacking excess food) in Sana'a Governorate.
5. A campaign of cleaning and awareness targeting 29 districts, 31 streets and 11 mosques in the five governorates.
6. Organization of the World Volunteer Day - UNV Program.
7. Participation in a large number of youth and community activities at the local and regional levels.

Environmental campaign in Socotra Island preserving the island from  plastic waste, raising awareness to unique trees that would go extinct, and working to find solutions to protect the endangered turtles from extinction. .
Partnership with the British Council in the Zoom Short Film Competition.
Participation in several events and activities and youth and community forums, on the local and the international levels represented in:
Ø Regional participation:
* Participation in the First International Youth Forum, Forum of Arab Life Makers - Egypt,
* Friends of Yemen Conference - London - UK, Arab Youth
* Entrepreneurship Conference - Doha - Qatar.
Ø Youth events:
* World Youth Day organized by the United Nations Development Program - Sana'a, World Volunteer Day - organized by UNV.
Ø Community events:
* Participation in the Civil Society Capacity Development workshop by the World Bank - Sana'a,
- Participation in the organization the entrepreneurship event, Startup Weekend, in Sana'a.
- Couple of video clips productions promoting positive values in the society.
- The launch of ‘Makenhom’  project that enables poor families to start their micro-small projects.
- The ‘Ideal neighbourhood competition’ 2013 under the slogan "Tomorrow is masterfully built", aimed to enhancing the value of cleanliness at the social and individual level, reviving the spirit of positive competition.
- Eid clothes distribution for children Hadramout governorate.
- Mass breakfast in Taiz governorate.
- Sports League.
* The number of beneficiaries of activities for the month of Ramadan in five governorates (Sana'a, Taiz, Aden, Hodeidah, Hadramawt) increased as follows:
- Food basket project: 8,000 beneficiary families in the five governorates.
- Breaking the Fast Campaign: 84,940 individuals in the five provinces.
- Mazad food campaign: 3,000 families in three governorates (Sana’a- Taiz - Hodeidah).
* During the flood crisis in a number of provinces, a convoy under the slogan "hand in hand .. we help them", aimed to relief the affected flooded families  by distributing  variety of food items, and household materials. Result of this campaign:
- In the village of Qabil in Sana'a on December 2013: 130 families/ beneficiares.
- In the governorate of Ibb in August 2013: 30 families (200 people).
- In Taiz governorate in September: 30 families.
* Training and qualifications given to volunteers:
* Course in Leadership Skills and Art of Influence
* Symposium in institutional building
* Integrated Training Program for Ideal Neighborhood Project Volunteers in
* Task Management and Priorities, Investment of Time, Innovation and Creativity Skills
* Team building and Time Management
Effective Communication
* Course in Strategic Planning

* Transforming the food basket distribution project to a sustainability one called ‘Makenhom’ that enables families support themselves by starting their own micro-small projects.
* Continuation of the environmental protection campaign on Socotra Island.
* Incubating the organization of the TEDx Taiz Conference, hosting ideas worth spreading.
* A documentary film production ‘Taiz .. The Cradle of Civilization’. The film was launched at the Tidex Taiz conference and was shown on Yemen TV channels as well as various digital channels and social media.
* The continuation social solidarity activities and the contribution of the team of youth Taiz youth in the completion of projects Takaful:
- Distribution of food basket 1,072 beneficiaries.
- Breaking Fast meals: 3,040 beneficiaries.
- Excess Food campaign: 258 beneficiary families.
- Relief project for flood victims.
- Supporting cancer patients in Taiz.
* The project of Excess Clothes campaign Sana'a  
* Awards Ceremony and the conclusion of Ramadan activities and the launch of Makenhom’ development project.
* International and local activities, events and participations:
- Organizing the evening of entrepreneurship and creative thinking.
Sports League.
- Photographic Competition.
- Cultural Competition.
- Incubating the  ‘I love my book’ initiative which aims to instil love of reading in children and build a conscious generation.
- Participated in the organization of the Zoom Short Film Competition in partnership with the British Council, in order to show the talent of Yemeni youth.
- Video Production of ‘Rabak Ba-Yuktob Khair’ – promoting positivity
- Reportage production Ramadan social activities 1435 e / 2014.
- Reportage project "Makenhom" development project.

* Second awareness campaign for the project towards better economic opportunities for young people.

* Third awareness campaign for the project towards better economic opportunities for young people.

* Clean campaign in Sana'a with the participation of Al-Hamma youth and youth volunteers in order to motivate people to adopt their responsibility towards their communities.

* Humanitarian cash assistance project - Taiz in partnership with UNICEF, Al Amal Bank and Social Welfare Fund.

* Emergency medical and food aid project, which targeted the city of Aden and Lahj in medical assistance for 8 hospitals and targeted food aid in each of the cities (Aden - Lahj - Taiz - Ab - Sana - Sanaa) and benefited 1329 displaced and deserving families.

* The Ghaith project, which aims to distribute food to the displaced in Aden, Lahj, Taiz, and Aba, Sana'a. The project benefited from the project (1432) a family displaced and affected by the war.

* Water Aid project: aimed to provide water supply to areas considered less fortunate in the availability of water (Nqm - Khafji - Sunina ) through providing 470 water tankers of various sizes.

* Empowerment of displaced families (microenterprises) in order to create an opportunity to provide a way of life temporarily and to awaken the work spirit of displaced families and to raise them up from the frustration of war: targeted (11) Displaced within the school of November 30 and beyond have been created for them micro projects ranging from one project costs from $ 50 to $ 150.

* Humanitarian aid in Taiz: The campaign aimed in contributing to the reduction of the emergency problems in Taiz due to the ongoing conflict and the siege imposed. The campaign is carried out interventions in three emergency areas, namely medical assistance, water assistance and basic food aid. (1175) families beneficiaries from food stuff, and (1175) food baskets. Various medical supplies and supplies were provided to the needy in the 3 hospitals operating in Taiz city (Althawrah – Aljumhoryah- Rawda) with 2 refrigerators for the laboratories. Eid Aladha support to  574 families.

* The humanitarian aid for Taiz city in the following forms:
- First: The field of medical assistance: Provided medical assistance such as:
. different batches of laboratory and emergency medicine solutions as well as medical supplies.
. 750 beds were provided for patients with kidney failure.
. 204 oxygen cylinders.
. 4 cardiac equipment for the Republican Hospital and Althawrah Hospital in Taiz.
.  2 blood-saving refrigerators for Al-Thawra Hospital Laboratory.
. 2 refrigerators to save the dead to Al Rawda Hospital.
- Second: Water Supply: Water was distributed through water tankers on a daily basis to different districts of the city. Between January and May 2016, 5,158,025 litres of drinking water were supplied (1,103) water truck tankers (11,605,375) litres of usable water (2,995) water truck tankers.
Third: Food:
Where 1273 families in the city were supported by foodstuffs with 1273 food baskets.
* Completion of the humanitarian cash assistance program - Taiz in partnership with UNICEF, where Hemmat Shabab Foundation participated in the matching and evaluation of the financial expenditure of the targeted families of marginalized people in the districts of Taiz governorate.
* The project of geographical targeting of humanitarian cash assistance program Taiz.
* The project increased the food 2016, which aims to reflect the values ​​of social solidarity among the members of the community by collecting excess food from several families from different regions and redistribution to poor families in the Secretariat of the capital to provide a meal Suhour, and targeted the campaign (200) poor families in random neighborhoods From the Secretariat during the month of Ramadan 2016 for 15 days.
* Business incubator project (Noah's Ark): Launched by HSF in in an effort to mitigate the impact of the ongoing war on young entrepreneurs in Sana'a. Conceived in 2015, the idea was researched for 6 months until and came to fruition at the beginning of 2016.
As the culmination of tireless efforts by HSF members and volunteers, the incubator was finally launched on June 28th, 2016, in cooperation with Spark Organization from Denmark. HSF volunteers dedicated thought, time, and effort to the preparation of the incubator's site, necessary office equipment, basic supplies and IT services.
Noah's Arch Business Incubator provides 20 offices spaces to 20 emerging and struggling project and as a launching pad for youth projects. Each office space is furnished with an office desk and chair, file cabinet, and drawers, as well as the basic electronic equipment and services such as electricity, Internet, phone, printer, and photocopier.‏ Noah's Arch also offers specialized consultancy services to entrepreneurs on the development of their projects, along with qualitative training to develop the required skills to ensure their success.
On the other hand, Noah's Arch also contributes in reducing the establishing and operating expenses of incubated projects in their early stages. All of these services are made available at a minimal fee, suited to the young entrepreneurs' capabilities.
Noah's Arch Business Incubator is considered one of the emerging economic development resources for entrepreneurs in Yemen; and as such, HSF and Spark are intent on expanding the project to establish a chain of business incubators in other cities in Yemen, to drive economic and social development and enable young Yemeni entrepreneurs.
* Project of liter of light:
In 2015, and in response to the constant power cuts in Yemen due to war conditions, HSF, sponsored by Pepsi Co., launches the Liter Of Light Project. An initiative implemented by Pepsi Co. worldwide in countries that suffer from electric supply shortages, to provide deprived households with their lighting needs.
The project targeted the most impoverished areas of Sana'a. In its first phase, the project equipped 750 households and 250 light poles with solar energy equipment in the areas of Wadi Ahmed, Mathbah, and Al-Sunaina. As the most affordable and sustainable solution to electricity shortages facing local communities at present, HSF and Pepsi Co. are planning to continue this effort by implementing additional phases to provide solar energy to furthermore areas.
* Production of Ma Yehtaj (No Need) Video Clip: A video promoting the message of unity between all factions of Yemeni society, the spirit of harmony and connectedness, and rejecting conflict between the people of Yemen.
The video strongly represents HSF's principles and its endeavor to promote messages of value through media, especially in this present period of conflict. The foundation is aware of the importance of encouraging commitment to these values within society to combat the instigators of division and hate.

The emergency situation in Yemen continued in 2017 due to the bad security state for more than three years. Therefore, Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development (HSF) has implemented several community projects to alleviate the suffering from the families affected by the crisis in Yemen and negatively impacting their economic situation. The duty of the community institution to find some solutions to some the problems resulting from the current circumstances and motivate young people to contribute to the community through improving the situation and reducing the aggravation of the problems.
 The Foundation renewed the partnership with international organizations as well as international companies to implement community projects which are appropriate to the situation and needs of the community, and these project are:
1- The business incubator Noah's Ark
The Noah's Ark project is a business incubator that seeks to contribute to help emerging and damaged businesses by providing a business environment and adequate technical support. Also, it provides office space for businesspersons and entrepreneurial projects, as well as providing consultancy and training services to entrepreneurs to ensure the stability and development of projects in the current business environment. Noah's Ark seeks to provide the necessary additional services needed by entrepreneurs to contribute to their success and continuity. Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development has established Noah's Business Incubator with integrated spaces in 2016 in Sana’a capital to host projects for entrepreneurs. Noah Ark is still providing its services during 2017. The Ark incubated many projects for new entrepreneurs, (26) projects that benefited from the incubation and the rest will be incubated during the coming periods. The incubated projects were in the fields of Technology, engineering, agriculture, public services). The projects benefited from basic services (office space - electricity, internet, water, telephone – printing-), also, the additional service such as ( Awareness courses - Issuing legal licenses- Marketing Consulting - Financial Consulting – Networking between the projects).
2 - Project Liter of Light (Phase II - Phase III)
The continued power outages due to the emergency situation in the country for more than 3 years ago and the number of families, who are in need of basic lighting, increased  especially the displaced families who arrived in Sana'a governorate from provinces that are suffering from armed conflict. Therefore, Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development, supported by PepsiCo to complete the second and third phases of Liter of Light to alleviate the suffering of deprivation of the most vulnerable families in Sana'a governorate through providing of Liter of light systems of solar energy. The number of beneficiaries of the project during the year 2017 reached to (1699) in Al-Sanayna - Nuqom - Hziaz - Bani Hawat – Aswan districts. The total number of beneficiaries from the project during 2016 and 2017 reached to (2699) families. The project has more than (104) young engineers and volunteers of the targeted areas during this year.
3. Humanitarian Cash Assistance Program Taiz - Verification and Field Registration Activity for Families Affected by War
Among the activities provided by Hemmat Shabab for Development Foundation  in the humanitarian cash assistance program - Taiz, which is supported by UNICEF and implemented by many partners in  Taiz City, the foundation has carried out verification and registration activities for war-affected families in the supplementary phase (from the complaints fold ) .
In collaboration with the partners of the Social Welfare Fund in Taiz government and Prodji Company, the Foundation has sought to carry out the field verification of the families registered in the Welfare Fund folds, as well as the field registration of the families in one database, processing it and submitting it to UNICEF to prepare it to disbursements by Bank Al-Amal in Taiz city. The verification and field registration operations included the targeted areas in the humanitarian cash assistance program for war-affected families in Alkahera and Salala districts, targeting families who provide complaint through Social Welfare Fund telephones that were registered in the official complaints lists, as well as the use of electronic programs to carry out field registration of targeted families. The verification and registration process went through several phases. The1078 war-affected families benefited from this project and received cash assistance from UNICEF. More than 20 young men and women participated in this project.
4- What increased of my food 2017?
Many of the displaced families and the most vulnerable in the Sana’a capital suffer from extreme poverty as a result of the recent security and economic events, which have led many families moved from the middle class to poverty and below the poverty line. With the intensification of the displacement of many families from armed conflict areas in some governorates to Sana'a governorate, this has contributed to the increase in the number of families who need the aid to provide the basic needs of living and food. Hemmat Shabab for Development foundation has implemented a campaign (what increased of my food 2017) in Ramadhan. The food is collected from several families from different regions, sorted, processed, and redistributed to provide the Suhoor meal to needy and deserving families in the capital. The campaign was carried out with the contribution of 60 volunteers and the provision of (200) Sahoor meals during 20 days of Ramadhan for 200 families in the Capital.
5 - Ramadhan food basket Campaign 2017 - Taiz
In the city of Taiz, Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development, with the support of the private sector, distributed the basic foodstuffs to poor families during Ramadhan 2017 in Taiz City.
The number of beneficiaries reached (1158) families. The food basket was consisting of (25 kg flour + 10 Kg of rice + 10 Kg of sugar + 4 liters of oil + 12 cans of beans + 2 kilos of date) distributed within in Taiz city and ​​Alhoban area. In addition, 434 small food baskets were distributed to (434) families in Musharaea, Wahadnan, Sabar-almawadim. The small food basket consists of (25 kg of flour + 10 kg of rice+ 10 kg sugar + 1.7 liters of oil), Eid clothes have been distributed to (185) orphans within Taiz. City as well.
6- Cholera Emergency Response Project
In April of 2017, the official and international health authorities announced the detection of cases of cholera epidemics in Yemen. Since then, epidemics have been rising rapidly and are spreading in many governorates of Yemen. Official statistics registered (300000) cases and 1970 death cases. National and international efforts have been accelerated to contain the spread of the disease and to limit the development of its spread,
In addition, Hemmat Shabab for Development has implemented the emergency response activities for cholera epidemic in Taiz, with the support of UNICEF. The Foundation has sought to target the areas most affected by cholera, which has the highest incidence of the disease, the foundation applied environmental and water sanitation projects and community awareness, to decrease the number of patients in the areas where the projects are being implemented. The project targeted directorates of Taizia,Sala, Alkahera and Mudafar. 55170 families benefited from this project and help them to get rid of the causes of the cholera epidemic. More than 209 young men and women has been involved in the project during November and December 2017.
7- Supporting the Displaced of Dar Al-Rahma School
Dar al-Rahma School for the Displaced is located in  ​​Al-Hoban, where many of the neediest families have been displaced in Taiz. They have lived inside the school. The humanitarian relief operations in Al-Houban area have been stopped for four consecutive months, so the displaced families in the school are in dire straits, they have suffering from the shortage of food and medicine. Hemmat Shabab Foundation Development for sought to help these families by providing food and necessary medical supplies. 40 needy families benefited from the campaign. The families were supported by 40 food baskets and blanket , this basket consisting of 25 kg flour, 25 kg of Australian flour, 5 kilos of rice - 4 liters of oil - 24 cans of beans - half kilo tea - 10 kilos of sugar - 2 blankets for each family. In addition, the families were supported in the school with 10 first aid kits, 23 boxes of baby milk, and 32 packs of diapers. (5) Individuals participated in this activity.
List of projects implemented during 2017:
Project Name
Workers and Volunteers
NoahArk Project
Sana’a Capital
26 Pioneer Projects
4 members
Hemmat Shabab for Development
Liter of light (Phase 2 &3)
1669 Families
104 members
PepsiCo Company
Humanitarian cash aid
1078 Families
20 members
What increased of my food 2017
Sana’a Capital
200 Families
60 members
Private Sector
Basket Food Distribution Campaign
1592 families
185 orphans
30 members
Private Sector
Emergency Cholera Response Project
55170 families
209 members
Supporting Al-Rahma school Acitvity
40 families
5 members
Private sector

 Makkenhum Project-  The second Stage- Taiz 
Displaced families in Taiz governorate (Taiz city - a number of rural districts) suffer from many intractable problems caused by external and internal conflicts. These cities undergo from the increasing rates of displacement from different cities and governorates of the Republic especially those cities and governorates which have been affected mainly by the current conflict,
As the conflict in the country is escalating resulting in worsening the economic situation and the prices of essential goods increased dramatically, the displaced families’ needs are growing but they cannot afford it. As a result, Hemmat shabab Foundation for Development designed a program “ Makkenhum … for support themselves “, this program is aiming to help the displaced families in Taiz governorate through empowering them economically ,that is, providing them with small income-generating projects to achieve and ensure the most basic elements of decent living for them.
The project aims to enable the displaced and poorest families to own small projects and they can rely on themselves financially.
Location:  - Taiz     
Beneficiaries:  87 families.
Workers and volunteers: 22 individuals
Funded by Cargill Company
Name of the project: Campaign to revive the International Day of Handwashing-2018- 
Globally, on 15 October each year, the world celebrates hand washing and its importance as a key factor in reducing and preventing diseases, especially infectious diseases. The importance of hand hygiene for health staff is also highlighted to prevent transmission within health facilities. It is also an opportunity to design innovative ways to encourage people and remind them of the significance of washing their hands with soap
The campaign of reviving the World Handwashing Day aimed to strengthen and support the hand-washing culture among school students, health workers and camp residents in six governorates (Sana'a, Ibb-Taiz, Aden, Mukalla and Sayoun) to reduce the increase in the number of infectious diseases as cholera.
Awareness and distribution activities were carried out in 73 public and private schools  targeting 57035 students, 5089 teachers and the school administration staff , 32 hospitals and health centers, 7 orphanages and handicapped centers, 6 camps. Also,the awareness campaigns and distribution of soap was carriedout in  the health sectors. The campaign consisted of raising awareness and distributing the soap for the displaced and the marginalized families in the camps and the orphanages in the targeted governorates
Location: Sana'a - Taiz - Ibb - Aden - Mukalla - Sioun. Beneficiaries: 57035 students (male and female) - 5089 teachers (male and female).
Workers and volunteers: 45 individuals.
Funded by Unilever Company.
Liter of light - the fourth stage- 
As an extension of the tender march that PepsiCo International seeks to bring joy to the needy people by bringing light into their small homes through a liter of light project, which is implemented in Yemen by Hemmat Shabab Foundation in partnership with PepsiCo to implement liter of light project in Sana’a capital. After the great impact of the project through the three previous stages is the fourth stage of the project completes lighting the houses of displaced, destitute and the poorest families who do not have any means of home lighting since the beginning of 2015 in four directorates of the Capital Secretariat.
Liter of light, the fourth phase aims to provide a source of lighting for 556 poor and displaced families in five targeted areas are Bani Hawat, Habra, Asaba’een, Shumaila and Hael, this helps to ease the economic burdens on these families due to the daily purchase of energy source such as batteries and candles.
At this stage, the liter of light project targeted 3209 people who shapes 556 families including 1971 male and female children.
Lit Nour project has been through several phases: the preparatory phase of the project, the initial study phase of the targeted areas and their need for the project, the field survey phase of the families, the stage of the engineering installation of the systems in the workshop, the stage of review and delivery of the eligibility cards to the target, the stage of installation and delivery of systems. To its beneficiaries

Makkenhum Project -Third Stage- Sana’a
Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development, in partnership with International Cargill Company, seeks to reduce the growth of poverty in Yemeni society through lunching Makkenhum project that will enable the poor and destitute families to create sustainable employment opportunities by having a small project through which they can confront the poverty and deprivation.
Hemmat Shabab Foundation launched the third stage of Makkenhum project in mid-March 2019 in the Municipality of the capital Sana'a. The project targeted 140 poor and destitute families, 100 families in Ma’een directorate and 40 families in Safia directorate through enabling them to have a mall project in one areas that corresponds their expertise and skills. Empowerment project has passed through a number of key stages: beneficiary selection stage, interview stage, training stage, funding and development stage.
Location: Sana'a     
Beneficiaries: 140 families. 
Funded by Cargill Company
Liter of light- the fifth stage- 
Continuing the march of tender which PepsiCo International seeks for through liter of light project to bring the joy to the hearts of the neediest people through bringing light into their small homes, which is implemented in Yemen by Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development in Sana’a capital.
After achieving the great success of the project through the previous four phases, now the project in its fifth stage, which will complete the lighting of the houses of the displaced, destitute and poorest families who live in uninhabitable shops or dwellings and do not have any means of household lighting since the beginning 2015 in four directorates of Capital Secretariat.
Liter of light, fifth stage aims to provide a source of light for 876 poor and displaced families in the Sana’a capital in 4 districts, which include several areas, namely Sinaina, Ksara, Mathbah, Shamlan, Asaba’een, Beit Mayad, ASa’eela, Naqum, 45 Street, Khawlan Street Al-Khafji, Al-Safia, Mujahid Street, Also, it aims to lessen the economic burdens on these families due to the daily purchase of energy source such as flashlight batteries, candles and lanterns.
At this stage, Liter of Light project targeted 6370 persons shaping 876 families including 1,828 male and female children, 2286 men and 2356 women. And the targeted families included 278 displaced families
Campaign to revive the International Day of Handwashing 2019- 
Starting from the social responsibility of Unilever, the company worked in partnership with Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development and under the slogan of clean hands to revive the International Day for Handwashing in (7) Yemeni governorates by implementing a hand-washing campaign in the capital secretariat Sana'a, Aden, and  Al Hudaydah, Taiz , Ibb , Sayun City, and Mukalla City. These  cities where cholera, acute diarrhea and other infectious diseases are common in Yemen as the report of the international organizations have indicated to.
The total beneficiaries of the hand-washing campaign in 2019 in (7) targeted cities and governorates are . (100480) individuals, and the total quantities of LifeBuoy soap which were  distributed reached (126060) pieces 
Emergency Response project- Fifth Stage - Taiz
Because of continuing war since 2014 and the deterioration of the country's health and economic system, cholera epidemic spread very quickly in all  Yemeni governorates , especially in Taiz governorate. As a result of the necessity to implement the emergency response program, Hemmat Shabab Foundation for development started this program ,funded by UNICEF,  to reduce the spread of the epidemic by implementing the emergency response project in Taiz Governorate, and this project included many activities in the field, health awareness, disbursement of hygiene bags,  the distribution of clean drinking water and treatment of sanitation problems in the areas where  the  people are infected with cholera to enhance health awareness and try to secure an environmental sanitation system that contributes to falling the spread of the cholera epidemic in the targeted areas, and the total number of families who got benefit from Project emergency response activities to combat the cholera epidemic is 103.726
Location: Taiz     
Beneficiaries: 103.726 families. 
Funded by: UNICEF

1- External lighting project for IDPS in Amran (Kharif) and Dhamar (Ma`bar) is one of the projects which Hemmat-shabab Foundation for Development participated in implementing with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ( UNHCR)

2- International Handwashing Day Campaign: Based on the social responsibility of Unilever, the company worked, in partnership with Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development, to contribute effectively to combating the Coronavirus by implementing a hand-washing campaign in (6) Yemeni cities and governorates (Ibb - Al Hudaydah - Mukalla - Taiz - Sayoun - Aden). Beneficiaries in these targeted governorates were (89,364) individuals, and the total quantities that were distributed of Lifebuoy soap amounted to (99715) pieces of Lifebuoy soap.

3- Responding to urgent needs of children with disabilities:In our project, the urgent needs of people with disabilities were highlighted, in particular, the Al Shorouq School and the Association for the Physically Handicapped, and ensuring that children and adolescents (10-18) with disabilities who attend Al Shorouq School have access to basic needs, protection services, awareness of life skills and provide them with vocational training And reaching a total of 54 children (boy and girl) through implementing a set of activities in the school:

· Conducting training for teachers/volunteers in the center on gender, inclusion, and PFA and referring cases involving child protection risks

· Rehabilitation of the vocational training room (sewing)

· Rehabilitation of the stadiums

 · Providing sewing machines and raw materials

· Providing sewing supplies for 10 participants

 · Provided 54 COVID / Hygiene Kits

· Rehabilitation of water and sanitation facilities

 · Providing school bags for 54 students with disabilities (school bags, books, and other materials designed according to the needs of the diverse group).

4- The Communication for Development project is one of UNICEF's strategies in promoting community mobilization and participation in promoting positive individual behavior, social change and capacity building. The project was implemented during the period from 5 October  2020 to 5 February  2021 in five directorates in Taiz Governorates (Al-Shamayatayn - Al-Mawaset  - Al-Maafir - Samea- Mashra'a and Hadnan). The project's interventions aimed at training about (233) trainees through building cognitive and awareness capacities and enhancing their personal capabilities to participate in revitalizing and strengthening the community to adopt appropriate practices on the prevention of Coronavirus and cholera. The total number of beneficiaries achieved through the actual performance: (529,174) beneficiaries.

5- The Economic Empowerment Project, Khatwa 2020 competition, was able to create opportunities for new projects, support the continuity and development of existing projects, and restore hope for projects that have tumbled due to the difficult conditions in the country.

25 young men and women have become able to run pioneering projects that generate income for themselves and their families, and through their projects they have provided sources of income for those working with them, and they have pioneering projects that will contribute to the advancement of the country's economy.

The project was implemented through a series of phases as follows:

Preparing for the project.

The selection stage through an announcement via filling an electronic form of the feasibility study, the sorting, analysis, interviews and verification process to select the projects that meet the selection criteria.

The training phase in the most important aspects which raise the performance of small projects (life skills, project management, financial training, marketing, e-marketing)

Funding phase: After giving them the necessary skills in training, the process of the  re-evaluation of project needs started in order to financing them.

The advisory sessions phase: The sessions aim at raising the level of projects by applying all aspects of training under the supervision of small project consultants and implementing training aspects in proportion to the needs of each project.

The Economic Empowerment Project (Khatwa Competition 2021) was able to create many opportunities for new projects, support the continuity and development of existing projects, and restore hope to projects that stumbled due to the difficult conditions in the country.

The young men and women who won this funding grant were able to run pioneering projects that generate income for themselves and their families, and through their projects, they provided sources of income for their workers, and they have pioneering projects that will contribute to the advancement of women and the country's economy.

Building the Capabilities of Small & Micro-Businesses Owners:

The project aims to build the capabilities of startups in different aspects of business management skills (project management, life skills, financial literacy, digital literacy, marketing, e-marketing, legal session).
Providing theoretical and practical training to ensure the success and efficiency of the implementation of their projects.

Small and Micro Projects Exhibition 2022 ​:

Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development has implemented the Small and Micro Projects  Show 2022 with the aim of integrating the owners of small and micro projects in the labor market and linking them with all interested parties from institutions, financing banks and official bodies in marketing their products and services to promote economic growth and enhance the concept of entrepreneurship, which in turn contributes to reducing unemployment among the circles of young people in society.

Badir Bialkhayr Competition 2022 :

The competition seeks to implement charitable activities through voluntary youth initiatives by opening the door for submitting ideas for Ramadan activities to encourage and spread awareness about the importance of charitable youth initiatives in society.