Socotra Island Environmental Protection campaign 2014

The campaign was relaunched in March the following year. The 4-day campaign followed up on the results of its previous efforts. It encouraged residents to continue to preserve the island's environment, to eliminate the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags and replace them with environmentally friendly cloth bags, and to care for the beauty and cleanliness of the island's archipelago.

To raise awareness of these issues, the campaign hung posters at Socotra local airport, urging visitors to enjoy and preserve the beauty of the natural landscape. Informational posters were placed on the airport walls and, in addition, instructional signs were placed on the road to Houq cave. Stickers were, also, distributed to motorists to post on their vehicles, with awareness-raising messages reminding people of the importance of protecting the environment.

The campaign supplied environmentally friendly bags to the Environment Public Authority. It also distributed them to residents of the various villages visited by the campaign team, informing them of the benefits of their use and encouraging them to use them as an alternative to plastic bags, which are harmful to both the environment and public health.