Socotra Island Environmental Protection campaign 2013

  • Launched in January 2013, the 4-day campaign was aimed at involving Socotra's residents and visitors in protecting the island's environment, preserving the cleanliness and beauty of its archipelago, and ridding it of non-biodegradable plastic bags that were causing the desertification of its soil.
  • The campaign, also, raised awareness of the importance of replanting rare Socotrian trees, in an effort to reinforce the residents' appreciation of their island's beauty and encourage social involvement by residents and visitors alike.
  • A visit to the endangered Green Tortoises habitat was arranged by the campaign, to explore possible ways of preserving their habitat, and to raise awareness amongst locals of this issue. The objective was to instigate a sense a shared responsibility, towards the island, in both the local community and neighboring governorates. The campaign also held an environmental awareness program at the College of Education in Socotra.